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N O  2  E V E R  E X A C T L Y  A L I K E
t h e   w a l r u s   a n d   t h e   c a r p e n t e r
Thank you very kindly for your great feedback!! We strive to make lovely things for you and always appreciate a note of praise or anything we could do better.
I got the package today!  Hooray!  I love the orange
patchwork kimono jacket and the two kids kimonos. The
ducky one is so cute and Naia will love the fairy one...Thank you so very much for all the patience and loving
that go into your products.
-Amy F., California
I just received the yoga bag in the mail and it is
GORGEOUS!!!!!! Even prettier than the photos, and
such great workmanship.
-Kate K., Illinois
I received the purse yesterday, it is beautiful!  She's gonna love it...Thanks again!
-Cindy B., Texas
I received the Yoga bag today...SO LUSCIOUS!
-Jacqueline R., California

Thank you for doing such a great job on my order. The purses, pillows, apron, etc. were all wonderful. Christina got jealous of the apron and now she wants one! =)
-Yesenia D., Illinois
The aprons were a HUGE hit and I love love love the bath tarts!

-Janene P., Illinois
I have been meaning to write you and tell you how fantastic those products were you sent (of course I had to keep one each for myself).  I have finished with the Frosty the Bathtub, and will be wanting to order more soon.
-Dina G., Georgia
I rec'd your goodies on my bday - that was soooo nice of you! i really like the lav. solid perfume, and the bath drops are making my hall closet smell yummy (our bathroom with the bath in it is in "construction" right now - and probably for the next 5 years). i really like the bag and hope my friend does too!
-Kristin H., California
We'll use the homemade goodies on our honeymoon for sure!!  =)
-Mai L., Illinois
I can't wait to pamper myself after the baby is born. And I just love the adorable little baby charms on the wine bracelets. Lord knows I can't wait to try those out with a HUGE glass of Merlot once it's safe!!!  =)
-Michelle D., Illinois
We especially loved the little "diva" onesie.
-Michelle D., Illinois
The corsages look beautiful!  Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity!
-Sonia B, Washington
I absolutely love my eye pillow. It's glorious.
-Vanessa B., Texas
I got the (yoga) bag.  I love,love,  looovvvvveeee it!  Very nicely made.  I can fit so much in it.  Thank you.
-Jess W., Maryland
I got the aprons today and they look great!  Thank you for the corsage and all the biz cards and fliers -- can't wait to check them out.
-Anne M., California
i got your items yesterday and I LOVE them!! everything is so cute and your packaging is so nice  thanks SO much!
-Angela D, Michigan
Just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday (so soon!?)  I was very excited to come home after a long day of work to a fun package!

The capelet is PERFECT (as is the flower -- good pickin' there gardener!).  And I LOOOVE the lip balms (thanks for the extra one)!  All of the extra goodies are tons of fun too....
-Leslie S., California
Still totally addicted to those lip balms! : )
-Ruth B., Michigan
I carried my pot of pomegranate lip balm in my pocket all day today -- and kept reapplying it.  It smelled so good I wanted to eat it! :)
-Leslie S., California
Here are some photos of me in your wonderful capelet! I wore it to my mother's retirement party today, and I can swear to you that it (the capelet) was QUITE the hit of the fiesta. I received many, many inquiries about 'Where did you get that?" or "Okay...where did you buy that?" Isn't that exciting to hear?

Can't wait to wear it again!
-Leslie S.., California
I just wanted to thank you for the beautifully packaged lip balms and the goodies inside. I can't stop applying them -they feel and smell so good that my boyfriend keeps kissing me (hee hee hee). I applaud you for your presentation!  When I received your package, it was so inspiring for me because you present your items and business the way that I would - with class, care and quality. And you have been so personable.
-Diana M., Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know I received the package yesterday. I Love, Love, Love the charms. They are so delightful!  I really like both styles. They are even cuter in person than on the web site. Thanks so much for the wonderful packaging. And not to mention my Corsage Bloom! I have it on my wrist today. It's looks great. Thanks for all of the little goodies, I'm looking forward to checking those web sites.

It has been a pleasure working with you ...You'll be hearing from me again. I love so much on your web site..... the shawls, aprons, flowers... need I say more.
-Tricia P., Pennsylvania
I am so in love with everything you do-- your cards, your letterhead, and especially the capelet are so adorable!!!
-Amanda P., North Dakota
Everyone loved the skirt for the wedding!  I am so happy with it.
-Laila K., Illinois
Thank you so much for allowing me to pick up the kimono jacket from you last Friday night...I wanted to let you know that I gave Angelica the kimono jacket last night and she loved it...That jacket is really beautiful, you put a lot of hard work into your clothing line and it shows.
-Tracy S., Illinois
I received the capelet and goodies:)  Lightning fast delivery!  Loved loved loved everything (especially the extras)...
-Myra B., Texas
Just wanted to let you know that today I am wearing my typewriter choker.....I must say that it goes quite well with my outfit:  mens' inspired pin-striped oxfordish shirt and mens' inspired trousers w/ thick
cuffs.  Very úber chic if I might add.
-Leslie S., California

I got the capelet on Wednesday. It is perfect!  I love love love the dahlia pin and choker/bracelet, too.
-Amanda P., North Dakota
I received my package today. The chokers are great!! Thanks for your great customer service and wonderful product.
-Rhonda D., Texas
send us your thoughts!
The goodies came just a minute ago and they are utterly fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The capelet is such a lovely silvery blue and i'm going to put it on as soon
as i'm showered, and the ponchos are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perfect!!!!!
They are wonderfully made as well...i love such good workmanship...they are so cosy looking and cute...And the lip balm and perfume are exactly what i love...just perfect!!!! You rock!!!!!!!!

-Kerry, Vancouver, BC

Thanks for making such a cool necklace. I get compliments every time I wear it.
Your fan,
Melissa L.
Just wanted to say a Big Thanks for the
notecards and all the goodies you sent.  It was such a joy to recieve the notecards and then the extra goodies in the cute little pink sak!!! Loved it.  Love your style!! Thanks so much for putting such a special touch in your products!
God Bless you all,
-Heather S., Michigan

I got my package yesterday, and I've got to tell you that I love the stuff!!

What a cool fabric you picked for me! (for the eye pillow) yay

Can't wait to try the fairy dust.

Many thanks,
-Pat J., Florida

hi! oh my gosh! the checkbook cover  you made for me is sooooooo sooooo darling! kudos to you and your mum! thank you  for all of the extra goodies, too!
how did you know i love buttons? [wink!] i  will definitely be e-mailing a photo to you so that i can be a "live  model."

thanks once again, and i shall be  back for some more goodies soon.

all the best,
-Sarah R., Michigan

I did receive the “fashionably late” (hehe) bag last week. I love it! It is even more beautiful than the picture. Thanks so much! I am so in love with it.

Everyone asks me where I got it and I refer them to your site. It’s lovely! Thank you again.

-Courtney A., Oklahoma

Hi! I've been meaning to email you and let you know I love the typewriter key necklace. It's very pretty and unique, and I always get lots of compliments when I wear it. And thanks for finding the "K" for me!

-Kristina A., Michigan
The cards arrived safe and sound!  They are beautiful.  Thank you for donating them!
-Melissa F., Oregon
(CraftRevolution Katrina Relief shopper)
My order was perfect, thank you so much. Everyone who received the body butter cups for Christmas just gushed to me about the product. I will be back! :)

Happy Holidays!

-Rebecca P., Michigan

Your cards are so adorable in person, and I love all of the extra touches you added in the package too.

My goodness, I hadn't seen a fortune fish in years...it just brought back all kinds of memories. I had to try it immediately!
-Kathleen H., California

I just received my new bag, I LOVE IT!!! It was one of the longest Mondays on the face of the planet, so you should have seen me squealing, grabbing the box from the mailman and tearing it open!! I threw it over my shoulder as I sat down looking at all the other crafter cards you inserted.  You and your mother are so talented, and ambitious for doing this.  I'll send you a photo as soon as I get it with a cute outfit or something that does it justice :)

Take Care,
-Shizuka S., California
I received your absolutely adorable notecards on Saturday.  What a treat.  Thank you for including the other goodies as well.  

Have a wonderful day and I will definitely be returning to the Walrus and the Carpenter.

-Leah S., Maryland
I  just recieved your lovely stationery and I love it.  YOU are doing some amazing art.   Congratulations on your wonderful new business.  Many blessings to you .  I think your business cards are the nicest and most original cards ever.  It was a super nice touch to include the pretty pink pens.

-Linda K., Ohio
I got the fairy dust tubes today. I love them; they smell so good!

Thank you for the lovely pin. It was so nice of you to include something in the box for me.

-Pat J., Florida

I love the caplets, and the pink one especially! Nice choice! Tell your mother thanks too, I'm very happy with them and I'm sure Alison will love them! I'll take photos and send them to you.Thanks again!!!

-Jason C., Florida

I just received my order.  Thank you so much! Everything is beautiful and wonderful.  Thank you too for the delightful surprises!

Have a super-fantastic holiday!

-Aileen W., New York
GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the PERFECT little outfits arrived! they're GORGEOUS!  i can't wait to see pics of the wee ones wearing them. and thank you so much for my treats...

-Kerry G., Vancouver

hope you had a good holiday! just a quick note to let you know that my niece - and my sister - loved the kimono. she is going to take a picture of her wearing it and send it to me, so when she does, i'll forward it along for use on your site. my sister wanted to know if your mom can make an adult-sized kimono. she loved it so much, she wants one herself!

-Rachel M., California
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