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Noteworthy sites very definitely worth a visit!! Support creativity, handcrafted arts, women-run businesses and general good karma and check these great sites out. Don't be afraid to tell them The Walrus & The Carpenter helped show you the way. =)
Not Martha - a great blog I read daily for neat finds, project instruction, and general all-around goodness.
Get Crafty - fab site for making your own fine, fresh goods.
Support sister sellin' sites!  

* denotes our great friends! 
% denotes members of SeekIndie.com
Crafty Chica - Chicano Pop Artwork and DIY Projects
Gerbera Designs - Purses Designed to Plant a Smile!  Plus, cool DIY project instructions.
GlamourPuss Shop - Store that features items made by different women-owned businesses
Posh by Tori - A little slice of handbag heaven that includes Groovy Purses, Unique Bamboo bags and Fabulously Funky Totes.
Totinette - Funky handmade handbags
Uplifting Arts - Hiatusarts nifty store!  Fab checkbook covers,  purses, and beautiful papercrafts!
biggerKrissy's biggerCritters - Oddball stuffed creatures teeming with big personality.
Craftsbury Kids - handmade delights for children of all ages.
This page was last updated on: 8 February, 2009
Learn to tap into your own creativity and make your own luscious craftybobs.
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Resources ~ some of my fave sources for supplies and such.
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save-on-crafts - Great DIY instruction and fabulous selection of goodies to make stuff with.
hobby lobby - There isn't an online shop, but if you're lucky enough to have one of these in your town, rejoice!
Paper Zone Crafts - great paper-based projects. Fun and easy!
Martha Stewart - the original maven of making. She may be a little nuts, but the stuff her staff creates--good things.
Paper Source Ideas - elegant and lovely paper-based crafts. I made my wedding invites and thank you notes with paper from here (other parts came from other places...).
ThriftDeluxe - a "non-commercial DIY zine." Very cool project ideas and instructos.
LJC - fun to read for all the pics of projects one Jenny makes.
djangos - I love recycling (i.e., used) music. It's cheap, good, and nice for the environment. Grow your tunes library (I craft blasting  some CD at all times) from here!
oriental trading company - Good source for bulk fun & party items. Fast delivery, very professional service. Fantastic!
Fun places for various info and good reads.
Digs Magazine - Good advice, recipes, home how-to's, and even movie reviews! I go here at least twice a week for "fresh content."
Hoa's Custom Tailoring - My mom is the most excellent tailor I know. I have much to learn, but everything I know about being resourceful and creative, I learned from her and my dad.
See my favorite people's (friends & family) good stuff.
The Powers Compendium - My friend Sean's study in cover art of Richard Powers.
Judy Donash - If you or your mom like Mary Kay, order from my friend Judy. She is so not-pushy and very giving. She loves to pass out free gifts & samples, which I find is a nice bonus.
Mai & Chinh - My cousin Mai's wedding. Lots of fun pictures by my uncle Ngai Chu, who also took digipics of my wedding!
Tone Stockenstrom - We met Tone when we were looking for photogs for our wedding. Tone is an awesome person with a warm, fuzzy aura that helped keep me calm throughout most of the big day. See her wedding photography as well as her photos in art.
Rather Good - this site is an absolute hoot. Who doesn't love cute and cuddly kitties rocking on out like sick rock stars?
Grumpy Martha's Guide to Grammar - poor grammar often makes me peevish too. I like this article for pointing out some major grammar poos in popular rotation these days.
Other bits and bobs I like.
The Art of the Mix - this site is great for getting compilation ideas or showing off your own mix CD's/tapes.
My folks are awesome cooks, but they don't use recipes (they store it all in their heads! nuts!). I go to these sites for guides to making edibles.
Epicurious - Fancy schmancy gourmet, but there is some damn fine food I've made time and again from recipes here.
All Recipes - Not so fancy schmancy, but there are good search tools and recipes run the gamut from basic to elaborate. Beware the pop-ups. They roam free here.
Food Network - I don't actually look for recipes all that often here, but oh, how I love to watch foodies cook.
Nigella Bites - The Brits really know how to make cooking look fun, delightful, and delicious (how lucky am I to marry one who kicks bootay in the kitchen?). I drool every time I watch Nigella make a dish.
Jamie Oliver - Ditto on the Nigella comment. Plus, he reminds me of my husband's nephew Charlie, who is a fab cook and taught me how to make a nice summer salad with true panache last summer.
Trunk Monkey - my Monkey introduced me to this really funny mpeg.
Happy Lucky Me - Asian flavored style for your life. Featuring Totes, Tees, Undies and More.
Happy Home Designs- "handmade home accessories and vintage decor" based in Santa Monica, CA and run by Allison Keech
Star Serge - Stichin' up unique one of a kind goodies. Handbags, Totes, Neckies, Bridal, Diy, and Don't Forget to Enter The Free Handbag Give A Way Contest!
Taynk - An Arsenal of Handmade Bags & More!
Udandi - Personalized and crystal embellished tees, tanks and undies.
Fashion Compassion - Compassion never Goes out of Fashion...* i pour a whole lotta love in my handmade creations.. ie totebags, jewelry, buttons, art 'n more.
Easy Entertaining - Ok, this is a little self-promotion: I used to write a little column at Suite 101 about easy entertaining (since I am a lazy arse but like to do the get-together thing). Unfortunately, things got a bit busy, and I didn't contribute much while we were planning our wedding last year. That automatically cut me off from being able to contribute any further...so I am working on getting my archives and new (!) articles up here.
2 by 2 Creations - Handmade Paper Vases, Frames Mirrors and Mailboxes
crafts etc. - Great source for all sorts of craft supplies. I just recently got my first shipment from them (reasonable shipping, prompt delivery, and my favorite part: a personal slip sighned by the lady who packed my order for me.
Driving Blind Distro - Driving Blind distro distributes zines and crafts that are created by people with physical, learning, emotional, and medical disabilities.  It is run by Erin in hopes to create awareness within the disabled and non-disabled communities.  I think this is truly a *GREAT CAUSE.*
Touch - a small collection of the various charities that hold a special place in my heart. I contribute monthly to the Anti-Cruelty Society, The Chicago Food Bank, and America's Second Harvest via a great direct debit program at my company.
Fishcakes Design - Fishcakes Designs is the at-home business and creative distraction of one Voz Perkins, self-proclaimed champion of the underdog animal, and lifetime fan of all kinds of cakes. Find great cards, magnets,  blank books, bags, and aprons. Fun stuff.
Groovy-Mom - For mothers who are out of the ordinary. Forums, links, crafts... handmade soap and candle shop, too!!
<< I'm a Creative Chick >>
Sharma Designs Necklaces - Necklaces that demand to be noticed. One-of-a-kind handcrafted necklaces using glass and vintage beads, shells, semi-precious and other natural materials.
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Wild Thyme - beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cards.
TrashyMagazine - "One girl's trashy is another one's treasure." Lots of really great reconstructed and revised goodies.
Amet & Sasha - "Simple clothes for complicated girls." Handmade beauties in skirts and tops and accessories.
Colleen McCahill - One of my pals from high school (where we endured the ennui of high school wearing lots of thriftshop wares and hanging out with rude and nasty skater arty boys) is quite a fantastic photog.
Grumpy Martha and Pop Star Grammer Goofs - another installment of Martha's grammar booboos. Fun!
FreckleWonder - Handcrafted lovelies. Truly great stuff. So many things I covet.
Beqi - "Bad girls of the world, we adorn you." Sparkly Trinkets, Sexy Tees, Retro Dresses, and more!
BussBuss - "The soapbox for all things twentysomething--until we turn 30." Oh dearie me, just a couple years to go!!
In Passing - really great snippets of overheard convos. Super entertaining.
Listology - I am a listmaker. I make lists. This quality helped me snag my first job out of school. This quality helps keep me keepin on.
TextileFetish - ...:One-of-a-kind, handmade goods - Reduced, Reused, Recycled:...
I Buy DIY - Promoting independent craftspersons since 2003.
Plain Mabel - home of one-of-a-kind and retro-inspired items to wear, write on, have around the house, or otherwise enjoy. Plain Mabel features unusual products by "Mabel" herself along with great items from other artists.
MadgeWorld - creating fine handbags from album covers, pet pictures, and old calendars since 2002.
Uptown Trends -  featuring daiZy™ Cosmetics ~ custom product formulations are created using the latest cutting-edge ingredients
Anagram Fun - need I say more?
SeamRipper - Fun and fabulous handmade accessories!
ACraftyKat - Great handmade crafts and embellished items
Copacetique - Your copacetic boutique. Fun vintage and handmades.
Spasmodica - Because we like to. Lovable creatures for the grown up child.
Just4Pooches - All-natural products and unique gifts for dogs - aromatherapy and biscuits!
WillowTech House - original items created by hand with the care, skill, and technique you deserve to surround yourself with.
PaperJane - handcrafted keepsakes, loverly jewelry.
Sweet Thunder - Rest your weary head. Jewelry, art, and other dandies straight from Chicago.
Knot By Gran'ma - 100% cotton knit and crocheted apparel and home goods!
Teen Girl Clothing -  A site for teen girls and young women interested in Fashion. Great DIY instructions, goods by multiple artists, and loads of other fun-to-reads. Very fabu site, worth a good gander (even though I'm nearly a decade out of my teen girl years).
Crafty Ass Chick - around here, you'll find a lot of crafty things for you, your friends, and even your homes.
Heather Joy Handmade Stuff - fun, reversible handmade totes.
My Paper Crane - inventive, fun, and super funky handmades, including the dead cat purse and the toaster purse!
Stepford Encounters - technicolor flavored must-haves.
LH Style - handmade, fabric covered, photo albums have been created to fit your lifestyle and give your memories a more stylish place to live.
Paper People Clothing - fantastic handmade bags and accessories of all sorts from great vintage, recycled, and new materials.
Tranquility - Specializing in high quality spa and beauty products.
PartyBots - "Just awesome shirts!" The t-shirts at this shop are fun (must check out the Hairshirts) and well-priced!!
MissyBlue - handmade gifts for moms and kids. Simply DIVINE.
Rhine-Stone - Custom buttons made for your band, diy project, company, school organization, etc.
Sew Pretty! - Hand Crafted Funky Handbags and Unique Goodies!
The Smiling Frog - Fun one-of-a-kind wearables from another mother-daughter shop.
Funky Utopia - A magical place to scoop up jewelry and vintage wears (and wares), and design your own skirt!!
Susan Stars - Lush jewelry, skirts, handbags, and other trinkety goodness, handmade in Portland, OR.
Poise - fabu handmade handbags and knitted goodies.
Smashing Mirrors - an online boutique & inspiration resource for independent artists of all kinds: musicians, product designers, etc! We are dedicated to bringing together cool products and ideas for motivating one another.
Me & B Design - handcrafted goodness for your home.
BoogerSugar - where crap becomes craptacular!
Murmur-Joy - based in Ireland, it's a one-human business making gorgeous papercrafts.
Allison Rose Design - very cool tees, handbags, journals, and other artwork.
Sparkle and Shine Design -  beaded jewelry; bead-embellished knitwear & crocheted items and other mysteriously beautiful little accessories
Country Frames - Charming hand crafted country frames made for every season and special event in your life.
My Retro Baby - coolest baby stuff on the planet. And that is not a hyperbole! Very, very cool baby bits.
craftastic.com - fun handmade trinkets, handbags, soaps, hair accessories, craft supplies and many other items chockfull of kitschy-goodness. It's craftastic!
Purple Peach - Great gifts, cutting edge fashions, the latest in bath and beauty, and awesome acessories. You can find some of our very own The Walrus & The Carpenter goodies there!
Truly Ace Store - offers you the unique opportunity to shop for print ready vector graphics and own the full copyright to your purchased design.
Juicy Cosmetics - "the ultimate juicy online experience." Fab and fresh cosmetics to enhance the already lovely you.
Lanie Page Baby - vintage inspired, shabby chic, heirloom clothing and accessories.
FashionHag - Fabu site for articles, scoops on the best sales, and talk of style, style, style, darling. Find features such as city shopping guides, coupon codes for popular retailers, and soon to come, a store, where visitors can purchase FashionHag merchandise.
All Dressed Up & Shy - handmade with love. Tops, skirts, and handbags of much deliciousness.
2enyc - Gorgeous handcrafted jewelry and gifts from a young New York City designer.
Toasty - Fabu handmade tops, skirts, bags, scarves, and various accessories from New Zealand.
Voda Handmade Soaps - quite possibly some of the most beautiful handmade soaps on earth. You must have a look. So lush!
Bunni*Goods - Lovely, handcrafted yummies for your pooch, fun cards, kiddie goods, and miscellaneous fundies.
Lekkner - handmade purses, handmade clothing, and other things to look at. Fun accessories, mad libs, DIY!
Atomic Mama - Custom cool for kids! Baby bedding, clothing, blankets, and bibs!
Dead Batteries - Funky fresh batteries to pop into your most favored battery-powered gadgets.
Better Through Daisy - handcrafted, wearable art ~ original boutique for handcrafted jewelry, artistic creations, and unique accessories!
MommyTags - wonderful necklaces crafted from recycled silver for mommies and their little ones.
m o m - unique, handmade aprons. Fabulous for moms and their little people kitchen helpers!
Byrdy's Beads - fun, easy to wear, easy to enjoy handmade beaded jewelry.
T-Shirt Town - your source for all things t-shirt. Super affordable, and the retro t's are fun!
Baby in a Blanket - endless possibilities for moms who seek a unique, but fun loving blanket for their baby.
Soleil Noir - lovely handcrafted jewelry for any possible occasion.
Wild About Shopping - Fun and funky must-haves for the gal who loves to shop!
Noodoll - strikingly fun and fresh graphic tees, accessories, purses, and wallets. Fun!!
Naughty Secretary Club - so many fun goodies from one talented craft mobster. This shop is legendary fabulosity. Go! Now!!
Made Unique - t-shirts for all the people. Fabuloso graphic tees on American Apparel bases. Go now!
Evil Kitty - Absofabu tops, skirts, undies, paper goodies, and arm warmers from a fellow Chicago crafter. Seriously cute stuff!
Amy Rue - a one girl operation of a stay-at-home-mom that churns out the most divine Lumpling dolls. Must see!!
Buttercup Papers - delightful handmade greeting cards only your most favorite people deserve!
Purldrop - Divine handknit and crocheted lovelies for you lovelies. I drool over the crocheted tops.
Plaidish Radish - Fabuloso handmade and vintage clothing, and how can you not love the name?
Arika's Jewelry - can a girl ever have too many sparklies? Unheard of. Bejewel yourself with loveliness from Arika's.
Nunzi and Ezi - handmade apparel that will give you that warm, happy feeling!
Church of Girl - showcasing indie female artists and musicians and entrepreneurs with roots in DIY girl culture. Rock on!
Constant Craving - fun and funky-fresh handmade or modified Japanese Streetwear, Lolita, Kinderwhore, Gothic, Rave and Vintage fashion. Everything is $25 or less!
Goddess Mama | Goddess Abode - unique personalized gift baskets for your occasion.
Wind Chimes - Great sounding, high quality windchimes with free shipping.
Luka B - a natural skincare boutique with all your favorite brands. Goodies galore for the pamper junkie!
So Charmed - sweetly handmade jewelry for girlies everywhere. Superb.
Stitch Pixie - Go ahead and play dress-up. Fabulously cuter than cute everything, and 10% of all sales got to charity!
SubbaCultcha - awesome DIY clothing, handmade bags, and earrings, plus thrift store finds!
Takeout - sassy goodies made in Australia for you to wear. Cutie site; you will be glad you vistted.
GigglePatch Goods - Funky, colorful, flirty handcrafted jewelry that stands out in a sea of black dresses and pearls.
Indiosyncrasy - Fabulously exotic handmade jewelry inspired by Indian couture and fused with traditional elements.
Just Jen - home of the Just Jen Rhinestone Shirt.
AndiAnn Handbags - handmade, life-inspired items (and some of the cutest line drawings around!)
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If you've contacted us to trade links and you're still waiting for
info on your link, send us a friendly reminder!!
Super Maggie  - delightful felted scarves, pin and other one-of-a-kinds handmade in Brooklyn.
Midnight Firefly - handcrafted jewelry of the prettiest variety.
Femmina - The spot for vintage and reconstructed fashions for yourselves and your surroundings!
ChocoSho - a positive environment that showcases artists and their creations. Super goodies of all types!
Garden Gnomes Need Homes - Adopt garden gnomes today!
Wonderfalk - your one stop girlie shop! Here you'll find anything from plenty of DIY and vintage clothing to handbags and accessories.
Rainy Sunday  - Delicious handmade memory albums and paper goods for all your happy occasions.
DaLon Originals - it's all about the handbag!
Gracie Tom - An everchanging variety of handbags + accessories made to fit your lifestyle as well as your budget!
Never Twice - a sampling of the best Do-It-Yourself crafts that Portland has to offer.
E.T.C. Creations - exquistite custom designed handcrafted jewelry. Fablulous Gifts!
Pio - Divine silver jewelry metalsmithed by Rachel Lavin.
Tig's Closet - unique, trendy, and hand-crafted accessories.
Bohemian Closet - Add a little Eastern flavour to your Fall outfit with accents from India.
Luka - feminine, pretty jewelry about having fun and not compromising quality. Luka jewelry is all handmade with the finest materials.
Deal Girls News & Shopping - a  one stop source for information on latest trends in clothing, jewelry, makeup and fashion.
Jolie's Boutique  - Fabulous fashion-forward clothing, accessories and gifts for women, babies, and children.
Body Jewelry Fun - Feel attractive and safe with quality body jewelry from Body Jewelry Fun. Body piercing aftercare, supplies, info, news, faq, pictures and body piercing ezine.
Lucinda Designs - One of a kind handmade handbags, purses and totes. No two ever the same - guaranteed! A Lucinda is always original.
Malakhim - The lore of Malakhim is not so much derived from the legends of mankind as it is touched by them all.  Interesting images + their accompanying story.
Cuddlebee - unique & stylish baby gifts.
Two Blue Candle Co. - Fabulous candles that burn cleanly, look great and actually fill your space with scent.
Fabsquad Chandelier Earrings - Utterly Fabulous Accessories featuring handmade chandelier and dangle earrings by our featured designers.
Frau Liebe - Spreading the love with handmade fabus from Germany!
PacificPlex Plus Size Clothes - Hottest plus size fashion styles for teens & young women.
Glamscience - Swanky, sparkly handmade glitter goods. Yummy!
Beaditude - Delightful one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry and home accessories!
Coleena Bobeena - Exquisite handmade jewelry to sparkle up your look!
Elle B. - Adornment for uninhibited women. Luscious handmade jewelry. Yum!
Sommer Designs - unique and different, incredibly well made, handcrafted, not mass produced, handbags!
Hella Good - a bath company run by two girls who love to eat and take baths. Combining their two favorite pastimes, they have created food-inspired products that are whimsical, fun and, most importantly, beneficial to your skin.
Shano Studios - Fashionable art by Shano.  Diva paintings and Limited Edition Prints with women, horses, cats, dogs, fairies and more.
Walsh Brothers Clocks Watches and Jewellery - Jewellery shop based in Beckenham Kent England. A very wide range and international delivery.
Thrifty Chick - shop in your PJ's till you drop! The chick  has scoured the web & magazines and has pounded the pavement looking for what is hot and most importantly where to find it on sale!
Natty Products - fantabulous natural bath and body products for guys and gals.
Just Out of Reach  -  a Light switch extension, for small Kids!
Baby Mermaid Landing - Home of the Original Kelsea Kover, a patented design since 1998. Protect your baby from the filth and germs found on public shopping carts and high chairs...
Gravel Art - Now groovy art lovers every where can make their very own gravel art and help spread the love for this lost art form.These kits are not mass produced. Everything is hand cut and hand stenciled by Mykl & Suzee.
Sew Nifty - Handmade Handbags and girlie accessories.
Cassowary Buttons and Jewelry - we craft fun accessories and innovate in making entertaining one inch buttons.
Becca Lights - Hand poured, highly scented candles, scent melts and natural lip balms
Jupiter by Jo - purses handmade by Jo from scrigidi scratch. Embroidery and jewel-stitching by hand as well!
Pisces Soap -  The ordinary becomes extraordinary as we raise the bar on soap -- unusual shapes and aromas, and foremost, quality ingredients, are trademarks of Pisces Soap.
Jamie Smith - new and vintage fabrics, carefully selected to create beautifully simple bags.
Afterglow Cosmetics - all natural mineral cosmetics
Grateful Threads - Unique handmade clothing inspired by nature, music and spirituality.
Suzanna Anna - gorgeous handpainted handbags and jewelry.
Subter.com - Living beneath the radar.
Starsparrow - Seriously cute leather bracelets and other gorgeous handmade lovelies!
Lady Luck Rules OK! - rainbow hued, music inspired trinkets and charm laden goodies from London!
Hippy Buggs Shopping Mall - Shopping with a "Hippy" flair. Check out groovy Ebay listings, or shop our extensive mall of 1000+ online stores. We provide a leasurely fun atmosphere to shop & have a FAR OUT! time while visiting.
Baubles by Beth - Whether your personality is sophisticated or whimsical, you'll find a bauble here to adorn you.
Gift Eyedias - Gifts for the young at heart designed as functional art.
Periwinkle Baby Designs -  We specialize in unique baby items for the little ones in your life.
A Susi - specializing in unique, quality handcrafted goods.
By Liz H - lovely 100% handmade jewelry using semiprecious stones and silver and gold.
Chocochocohouse - where chocolate meets fashion. These handmade confections are made with the best chocolate from France and Belgium and only the freshest ingredients are used.
Jessy's Dolls -  Fantabulous handmade art dolls of the sweetest dispositions and the swankiest little outfits!
Crafters For Critters - support handmade, independent businesses/crafters and raise money for animal rescue organizations
Bakelite Bits - New Fashioned Fun from Vintage Plastics, Sterling Silver and Brass! 
Link to the Walrus & The Carpenter!
Ollie McKay's - Jewelry, Totes, Gifts and Accessories for the Discriminating Shopper!  Gifts with Personality ~ Accessories with Attiitude. Style is. . . Whatever you want it to be!
Loot by StinaB - Happy handmade bags, clothing and accessories.  All Loot designs are hand made and produced in limited runs making each piece unique and special.
Moonalee Bags - fabulous sling bags, diaper bags, and handbags, all handmade, all wonderful.
Oh Creativity - lovely handmade earrings, unique and made in Spain!
Violette's Folk Art -  You will find tons of fun, outrageous, wild, vivacious and inspirational products here! Whimsical art are all over these lovely goodies.
Birdie and Doodle - Have some fun and create you own pregnancy or labor bag. We also carry a unique selection of gifts for mom & baby too!
Spunky Turtle - Cute and unique baby gifts including baby slings, soft sole baby shoes, super cute booties, nontoxic wooden toys and more!
Redefine - an independent, female-run publication dedicated to rock music, art, and social commentary. We
pick themes that raise social awareness, and push to look at one idea frommultiple points of view. We pick artists and musicians based not on popularity or style, but on dedication and talent. Sweet stuff out of Seattle DIY publishing scene.

Fern House Studio - The home of fun and inventive paintings, puppets and cards... and sometimes other creative surprises.
Foco Loco - Funky and fun designs created by illustrator, Suzy Helme, for kids, babies and parents bored out of their minds by the standard pastel baby duds and sports themed boys clothes.
New York Couture - clothing is a way to express yourself. Everyone is unique and that is why New York Couture only makes one of a kind pieces; to represent your own style and originality.
My First BabyGro - beautifully hand embroidered babygro and hat sets from original designs in the UK!
Posh Ribbons - Posh Ribbons - Posh and Preppy grosgrain ribbon accessories - belts, headbands, keychains, and lanyards.
SNAFU Greeting Cards - Browse and buy Snafu's funny paper greeting cards from the comfort of your own
Purple Pink & Orange Swaps - sign up for fun snail mail swaps, chat, and get goodies of all manner here.
Sugarluxe - We're here to celebrate all things luxurious. We know you yearn to make a splash when you accessorize, give gifts and plan your luscious little cocktail parties, because we do too!
Mandala Bijoux - Costume Jewellery, swarovski and ethnical jewellery.
Starbright Designs - Unique hand-crafted jewelry +all pieces are one of a kind+
Plaid Pony Vintage -   Fantastic vintage clothing, accessories and housewares from the '50s to the '80s!
Honeybear Designs - Honeybear is about handcrafted and unique designs. Combining pretty and elegant with fun and ironic, Honeybear creations are made with quality materials and craftmsanship.
Pink Curtains -  a unique novelty gift shop that brings you retro barware and the fun, one of a kind gifts, and unique gifts you have been searching for.
Anne Maa Designs - Elegant and stylish designer gemstone jewelry.
Mood Swing Studio - off the beaten path items that give you something extra special with which to decorate your body and home.
The Paper Princess - handcrafted paper goods and fun Japanese erasers and handmade bags!
Lahdeedah Beaded Jewelry Designs - Elegant and fashionable handcrafted jewelry.
Reckon - handmade silkscreen printed t-shirts - literary, music, film, poetry - stylish thinking apparel.
Molly Mast - Straight-up style: here you will find many one-of-a-kind, handmade goods.
One Good Bumblebee - Fabulous art, accessories, paper fun, and purses!!
Daa Glass - Gorgeous handblown glass worked into fabulous accessories and jewelry.
Jonesin4Bags - Orginal designs for one-of-a-kind handbags galore.
Kat's Meow - fantastic handcrafted accessories, jewelry, and paper goods! Woot!
Bethany's Designs - Fabulicious, unique handmade jewelry!
Jackie's Jewels - cute handmade beaded rings
Moondust Kids -  Stylish baby and children's bedding, art and wall decor, lighting, rugs, gifts and more.
Paper Relics -  Gorgeous collage prints and accessories, ephemera, paper goods, and fonts!
Liquid Sky Shop -  a fabulous emporium for beautiful paper goods, and handmade jewelry and purses!
Just Jenn Designs - fabulous handmade gifts, stationery, baby goodies, totes, and cutie bed accessories!
Indie Friendly Directory -  The Craft Revolution Indie Friendly program is designed to help shoppers find the best places on the web to shop indie.
University Chic - UniversityChic.com the first and only online magazine dedicated to women in college and graduate school.
All Freelance Work - A great resource for freelancers and project employers alike! Check out my portfolio here.
Comfort Kids Dolls -  OOAK Comfort Kids Dolls are soft sculpture, washable,cloth dolls for kids of all ages.  Give your heart a smile: hug a Comfort Kids Doll.
123 Greetings  - a fabulous spot for free e-greetings to send onward to your favorite folks!
Lady Ying's Treasure Trove -  fun handcrafted goodies from Lady Ying!
Matilda's Boutique - handcrafted, world-inspired jewelry that really makes a statement.
Adee Art - Adee makes paintings, drawings, dolls, songs, writings, and more.
Outta the Blue Studio LLC - Unique & whimsical custom wall art for your child's room or baby nursery that is created just for you!

GohGirl - fabulous notecards and apparel bearing the fabulous, if curious, GohGirl team characters!
SixOneSix - An up and coming Australian fashion label, SixOneSix began in early 2005 with a love for fashion and all things beautiful.
Fabulously Forty - is an exciting new sorority of women who aspire to look and feel their best-- regardless of their weight, height, race, or nationality.
Greetings 123 India - It's Kiss Day. The perfect time to cozy up with your sweetheart and let your lips lock to speak in the language of love .Send cute and romantic ecards from our site to make your sweetheart’s day a great celebration.
Moondrop Clothiers LLC - Feel & Look Beautiful, Be Comfortable, & Remain Stylish while Supporting & Sustaining Mother Earth at the Same Time. Now Offering Fair Trade Imports!
Broke Down Barn - Amazing art of the most stunning kind (including handmade lampwork glass bead and sterling silver jewelry) created by artist Ashley Watson of Lexington, Kentucky, and particularly for the wonderful cause of saving the family farm.
Mimsi Bags - accessories that will stand up and shout "Check Me Out!" ... or not, your choice!
StrollerMama - your premium stroller source by moms for moms, dads and caregivers of all kinds.
My Butterfly Baby - a complete line of hand sewn purses, messenger bags, and totes in dramatic colors and patterns.
Lulu Lights - art for your outlet!
Mau Studio - lovely goodies designed to thrill...jewelry, tee shirts, stationery, cell phone charms, web graphic design and more!
LHL Designs - fine sterling bracelets and earrings personalized and inspiring while increasing awareness for wonderful causes.
Fill-R-Up Baby Gift Baskets - Newborn baby gift baskets!
Couture Moms - It is time to celebrate Moms: rhinestone t-shirts by Couture Moms.
Gingerly Designs - handmade jewelry with delicate lines and bold statements. Fabulous stuff!
Emma Gordon Handbags - Drawing inspiration from all aspects of ladylike styling, Emma combines the fun with the smart and successfully manages to create bags that lend themselves to everyday use as well as special occasions.
Baby Fairies - most wondrous original retro inspired baby clothes and accessories to delight your littlest ones!
Zoomzawear - wonderful handmade and handknit apparel and accessories for peeps grown and not.
Two Busy Bees - Handmade, vintage-fabric handbags, wallets and cases (for eye wear, cell phones, iPods & the like).
All items are DIY, indie fashion creations. And of course, "Designed for fashionable moderns."
Lulubeans - handmade yarns and accessories crafted with love. Superb fiber creations!
Bird in a Skirt - splendid stationery of the yummiest kind.
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