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Mary Janes
Argyle knee socks and a steady pair of Mary Janes will never steer you wrong.
There is a wonderfully simple allure to the Mary Jane shoe. We loved them as little 4-year-olds, prancing about with lace-trimmed anklet socks and our favorite Sunday dress. We loved them as we made ready for our first day back at school, all styling and shiny new. We loved them in our teens, paired up with a pair of stripy tights for punkish irony. We love them now, even still. And pair them up with some fun argyle socks, and no one can resist the wily charms of the good old Mary Janes. {click on thumbnails for detail pics}

Set of 4 blank notecards, 4.25" x 5.25", one design, with 4 blank white envelopes for you to send on a Mary Jane to your favorite peeps.

$6.00 Set of 4 Notecards. 
As seen in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion!
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