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Paper Lanterns
Festive, bursting with color and light, floating breezily in the evening sky... 
There is such an ethereal, cheerful, magical happiness that comes with a canopy of colorful paper lanterns. We here at The Walrus & The Carpenter use them for cheeriness in our studios. Seriously! You too can bring a bit of cheeriness by sending on a friendly note tucked within our cheery Paper Lanterns notecards.  {click on thumbnails for detail pics}

Set of 4 blank notecards, 4.25" x 5.25", one design, with 4 blank white envelopes for you to send a spot of cheer to your favorite peeps.

$6.00 Set of 4 Notecards. 
copyright 2003-2009, the walrus and the carpenter. all rights reserved.