N O T  M A S S - M A N U F A CT U R E D
N O  2  E V E R  E X A C T L Y  A L I K E
t h e   w a l r u s   a n d   t h e   c a r p e n t e r
She was bare-headed, but she balanced in her hand a large parasol, with a deep border of embroidery; and she was strikingly, admirably pretty.  ~ Henry James, Daisy Miller
So parasols aren't a regular part of everyday life so much anymore. That makes them a special, quirky bit of fun when you see them here and there, tucked in restaurant and boutique corners for ambience, over the heads of girls who are real characters in the most delightfully colorful way. Very girly pink parasols wth just a touch of blossom detail about their edges, grace these notecards against a backdrop of wave-inspired sky. {click on thumbnails for detail pics}

Set of 4 blank notecards, 4.25" x 5.25", one design, with 4 blank white envelopes for you to send a chirp to your favorite peeps.

$6.00 Set of 4 Notecards. 
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