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Email us a picture of you/your bestest buddies using a goodie from The Walrus & The Carpenter (use our contact form and we'll give you the address to email your photos to)! We will be sure to  post it on the site, along with any commentary you'd care to include with the picture!
YOU are a star!
Annelise & Bridey Logan model their toddlers' kimono sets.
Photo from Tracey Logan.
Annelise Logan models her pink knit toddlers' kimono set. Look at that great smile!
Photo from Tracey Logan.
Bridey Logan models her  rosebud flannel toddlers' kimono set. Look at that great smile!
Photo from Tracey Logan.
Christina De La Rosa models her custom-made (per Mom's specs!) lavender floral linen old school apron. Gorgeous, darling!
Photo from Yesenia De La Rosa.
Leslie Saito looks absolutely fabulous in her capelet & corsage pin from The Walrus!
Photo from Leslie Saito.
Laila Korn models her sweet, vintage-inspired craftshow aprons, custom-tailored and embroidered by Hoa.
Photo by Giao.
Laila Korn models her very cool, one-of-an-absolute-kind skirt, which is the fruit of ideas from Laila, design from Giao, and superb tailoring and technical design by Hoa.
Photo by Giao.
"Here are some photos of me in your wonderful capelet!  I wore it to my mother's retirement party today, and I can swear to you that it (the capelet) was QUITE the hit of the fiesta. I received many, many inquiries about 'Where did you get that?" or 'Okay...where did you buy that?'"
Little "Butty Glirl" looking absolutely adorable in her adjustable toddler's Old School apron with cherry blossom birdie print and kimono arcs print pocket.
Photo from Anne Perez Moyrong.
Melissa Lena is cute as a button in her vintage typewriter key choker.
Photo from Melissa Lena.
Leslie Saito is equally ooh-la-la in her vintage typewriter key choker.
Photo from Leslie Saito.
This Renegade customer is just too cute for words in her Retro Flirty apron!
Photo by Giao.
Chloe playing stand-in in her red riding hood with bribboned bears.
Photo from Kerry Gibson.
Kerry looking sassy in her boatneck dusky blue capelet.
Photo from Kerry Gibson.
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