N O T  M A S S - M A N U F A CT U R E D
N O  2  E V E R  E X A C T L Y  A L I K E
t h e   w a l r u s   a n d   t h e   c a r p e n t e r
Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.  ~ Chinese proverb
We adore trees. We love their lithe lines and graceful curlicues. We love the gnarled knots and bumps that mingle with creases of bark and the delicate yumminess of leaves and buds and blossoms. Though these are red (rather than green) trees, we do hope a singing bird will come to you as you jot off a note. {click on thumbnails for detail pics}

Set of 4 blank notecards, 4.25" x 5.25", one of each design on pink cardstock, with 4 blank white envelopes for you to send a chirp to your favorite peeps.

$6.00 Set of 4 Notecards. 
copyright 2003-2009, the walrus and the carpenter. all rights reserved.