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Autumn 2008

We hope you are enjoying the crisp, cool days of autumn, the spicy notes and crunches of colorful leaves, and the fun of preparing to go back to school. Linger in the warmth of home and gear up for the upcoming bustle of the winter holiday season!

Here at The Walrus & The Carpenter, we are taking a break for the next several months to focus on on family; we are welcoming a second little person to our brood, so we want to take the time to adjust to our growing family as well as just take a breather from all the moving, unpacking, and making a new home in a new place.

We will be reopening shop in January of 2009. If you'd like us to keep you posted, please signup for the newsletter. We may be suddenly struck by creative inspiration (and energy of a miraculous level) and pop a few one-offs over onto Etsy. See you soon!


Thanks so much for visiting today!
We will be reopening the shop in
January of 2009.
See you in the new year!
Happy Autumn!
Our shopping links will return when we reopen the shop in January of 2009. Thanks so much for visiting today!