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M A T E R N I T Y E L B O W  S L E E V E D   S P L I T   N E C K
This little number is a lightweight cotton top in creme-de-menth green with a slight taste of the Orient. Kimono-print cotton trim at sleeves and neckline and a corresponding sage green ribbon to tie-back for fit. This is sized to fit small - medium. It does not stretch, so it will be most comfortable in the early trimesters (probably through the first 2). In this case, we have one available, though we do have more of the fabric if you'd like us to recreate this look or substitute the colors/prints used with a different scheme of fabric. Drop us a line if you have a special request.
small - medium

good for first 2 trimesters

light cotton in soft green

elbow-length sleeves

soft cotton print trim


ribbon tie at back

1 available

replicatable in your own fabrics or similar fabrics


Judy Lin Chen has 2 more months to grow!  08/03
M A T E R N I T Y  E L B O W ~
S L E E V E D  S P L I T  N E C K