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Sometimes, you just need a bag big enough to carry your current read along for those waits (in lines, for tables, for friends). Sometimes, you need a bag big enough to get you through a weekend of beaching and sleeping over with a little bit of this and a little bit of that thrown in. Snag a tote bag or two from The Walrus & The Carpenter to carry all your goodies and necessities with you. Don't forget to tote along a nice hostess gift for your gracious hostess if you're overnighting it (it'll fit in your bag!)!

Bags are fully lined. Fabrics may be subject to availability, as I make most of these from remnants and/or vintage finds. Materials, features, and sizes noted below.
T O T E  B A G S
Kiwi-Lime-Strawberry-Chocolate Commuter Tote
The yummy colors on this bag make me think summer (or even, a ripe spring). The practical shape will allow you to stash the daily paper, a notepad or two, books--things to keep you from having to brave a long public transit ride in without a cushion of me-alone-time. Lime/kiwi-colored cotton canvas shell with a fun a fuzzy strawberry-sorbet colored stripe of felt with chocolately brown nylon straps. Cotton berry-colored and textured lining with berry felt pockets and compartments for your pens, cell phone, loose change, and a few makeup essentials.           

Basic Tote
Cotton shell, cotton twill ribbon closure, and a funky vinyl lining. Perfect for carrying lunch or art supplies, you crafty little minx. 8" x 11.5"