N O T  M A S S - M A N U F A CT U R E D
N O  2  E V E R  E X A C T L Y  A L I K E
t h e   w a l r u s   a n d   t h e   c a r p e n t e r
There is something simply beguiling about the rustic beauty of old typewriters. We think, partly, it's to do with the keys. These are reproduction vintage typewriter keys: poured resin enamel within charming metal casings with 4 holes along the sides of each key. They measure approximately 1/2" across and 1/8" in thickness. These keys are perfectly at home in altered art pieces, on scrapbook pages, and as part of your handmade greeting cards. You can use them as beads as you wish; we chose to move in a different direction with our work and are selling off what keys remain in our inventory. Once we are sold out, we are out...we don't plan on replenishing our stock at this time, so if you have your heart set on a specific letter or character, better to buy sooner than later!

Keys are available individually at $0.80 each, or $3 for your choice of 4 keys. Please keep in mind again that we may run out of your letter or character of choice, so selection will vary...we will do our best to get the characters of your choosing to you, but we will contact you if we are out of your choice...
We have discontinued our chokers; however, you may still purchase the typewriter key beads for your own personal use from us here.
Typewriter keys are available in ivory background with black text (as pictured above) or with a black background with white text. We have special characters as well as the alphabet. Thanks for looking!
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Sorry! We've sold out of all our vintage typewriter key beads.

Thanks so much for looking!